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Give shapes to ideas:
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High precision mechanics’ know-how evolves with Additive Manufacturing

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More (value) with less (components & materials)

CO-Design & Optimization
Our additive manufacturing engineers are co-designing with our customers the best solution and achieving the best performance considering both Additive process and final machining.
Customer check
Nothing is better than having in your hands the part you designed. Thanks to our 3D printer we quickly build multicolor ABS prototypes to speed up the validation process.
Additive Manufacturing
The heart of the innovative process. Starting from a 3D model, we print metal using our powder bed machines. Layer by layer the component grows, made of Aluminum, Steel and other light alloys.
Machining and assembly
To the last detail. Each additive manufactured part needs a final machining operation. We have an exceptional partner for this that can support for machining, assembly, coating and test.


Additive: advantages


Safety is at first place in this process. The machine works in inert atmosphere without parts in motion. Powders handling takes place in restricted and safe environments.


Our machines are powered by solar energy. This process cuts off 90% of waste in raw material compared to the same component made with traditional technologies. Strong reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


The goal is to improve performances, reduce manufacturing complexity ad optimize the final machining for finishing operations. We create a step forward product that gets the best from his combined shapes: additive + high precision machining.

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