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High precision mechanics’ know-how evolves with Additive Manufacturing

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Innovative Start up

SPEM was born in 2018 from an idea and with the support of Ellena spa (www.ellenaspa.com), with the vision to complete the range of services in the additive manufacturing sector.
Innovation and tradition merge together to create outstanding products. Binding the excellences of two complementary processes: additive manufacturing and high precision machining. SPEM founders are part of Ellena Management; during the years they have been investigating and studying additive technology and market sector. Many times they met complex additive parts with machining operations requirements: a nightmare in time, cost and quality, since this machining have not been taken in consideration during the design phase. The design shall not be only additive focused.

Optimizing a product for a process and seeing all the advantages nullified by the following processes is not a win win solution. Optimization is solid when it goes straight trough in the hand of the customer.
SPEM mission is to optimize the product across all the necessary processes. A team of engineers, master in additive manufacturing and senior process engineers in machining are operating in co-design with customers to find the best achievable solutions.
Nothing should be left to chance, down to the last detail.
This is our mission.
This is SPEM.